Now it is time to step up your social media monitoring Tools. With so many social networks and interactions, it can be difficult to keep track of your engagement data. The point is, these commitments are invaluable to your brand.

According to  Sprout Social Index™, 60% of brands analyze their social data daily. Putting your social interactions in context can reveal a better way to do business. This includes reinforcing your sales strategy and learning what your audience wants. Below, we’ve broken down some of the best social media tracking tools and how to choose the right one.

Use of Social Media Monitoring Tools.

There are so many great social media tools out there. Among them are tools specifically designed to help you select relevant  social media conversations – social  monitoring tools. Some of these tools allow you to track multiple social media profiles across different social media platforms from one place. Some even  let you track trends and keywords on social media.

What is Social Media Monitoring?

Social media monitoring is the process of listening to social media conversations that are relevant to your brand. Companies engage in social monitoring for a number of reasons, such as connecting with their customers, providing customer support, measuring their social media reach, or understanding trends social media direction.

To “listen,” companies use social  monitoring tools to collect social media mentions and track keywords, hashtags, and URLs that interest them. Social monitoring is sometimes called social listening.

Best Social Media Monitoring Tools


Awario’s monitoring features are similar to most of the platforms mentioned above. That said, Awario Leads is a great addition to the platform’s regular listening and monitoring capabilities.

In summary, Awario can identify specific instances of people requesting referrals for a particular industry. This again shows how surveillance is an active process that can help you win more business.


Hootsuite is a very popular freemium social network monitoring software that can track activity on a number of social networks and platforms – these networks and platforms include LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google, Foursquare and WordPress. You can also manage social media accounts by scheduling posts on multiple platforms. If more than one person manages a social media account, you can also delegate tasks.

Zoho Social

If you’re using Zoho as your CRM, the platform’s free social media monitoring features are extremely helpful. In addition to the standard monitoring features we mentioned, the platform allows you to create a custom listening dashboard. From hashtags to specific platforms or media, it helps you get a clear picture of your PR and social presence at a glance.


Keyhole’s surveillance capabilities are primarily intended to help brands find influencers to work with. Keyword and hashtag search automatically detects influencers posting on brand-related topics. The platform also uses hashtag analysis to highlight influential accounts, posts, and conversations about a certain topic.


Klout is a bit controversial – there are people who don’t like it and there are others who swear by it. Klout’s influencer rating system is notoriously inaccurate, but it can be used to refine posts for optimal engagement. Overall, Klout is a suitable Twitter tool for measuring influence through engagement. It gives you insight into what people think of your brand and what influences them.

Sprout Social

Because it provides the statistics you need to boost social media engagement, Sprout Social is one of the most widely used social media monitoring tools. Additionally, you may communicate with your team and submit content from the Sprout Social Dashboard.

Twitter counter

You can monitor your Twitter statistics with Twitter Counter. Millions of Twitter users and statistics may be tracked, and buttons and widgets that display the number of followers and the most recent Twitter visits can be added to websites, blogs, and social media accounts. You can add numerous accounts to track them all in one location, view retweets, mentions, and historical data, build custom reports and graphs, and download. PDF documents.


Mentions is another monitoring tool like a powerful @mention tracker. For both brands and agencies, the platform claims to track over a billion sources for relevant mentions and comments. With so many conversations to sift through, the platform offers plenty of filtering options to help brands ‘remove the noise’.


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