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Nov 30, 2021 | DIGITAL MARKETING | 0 comments

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The dawn of the year 2019, the Coronavirus Pandemic, which was less foreseen and much more unexpected, arrived that devastated almost every industry. Where some business sectors suffered from insufficient business opportunities, others got busy handling the unmanageable number of demands with fewer workforce. In one way or the other that happens which the world was not ready for, the uncontrollable outbreak of the pandemic.

What is Digital transformation in Business?

Digital Transformation in Business is the process of transforming an organization from a traditional model to a digital model. It encompasses a wide range of activities from implementing new technology to changing the way employees work.

There are a number of benefits to implementing a digital transformation in your business. First, a digital transformation can help you reduce costs and increase efficiency. Second, it can help you develop new products and services faster. And finally, it can improve customer engagement and retention.

If you’re looking to implement a digital transformation in your business, there are a few key steps you need to take. First, you need to assess your current technology infrastructure.

he Coronavirus Pandemic is causing a series of economic crises all over the world. The marketers, who thought to welcome the New Year with a stunning marketing campaign, are now busy in handling the loose ends. However, after every darkest night, there is a day and that is the brightest of all. So, one should explore greater opportunities while acknowledging all the potential threats the virus could cause.

As the Coronavirus is set off to change the face of almost every industry, Let’s discuss the possible Digital  transformation in Business  aftermath of the pandemic will reveal.

Business After The Coronavirus Pandemic 

The only medium through which businesses are still connected and progressing After The Coronavirus Pandemic is through Digital Media. So, one thing is for sure,  many Business After The Coronavirus Pandemic are most likely to get shifted to the digital platforms. Moreover, according to the analytics, in the near future a 15% drop in the first quarter of the traveling ads is expected and a further 20% decline in the second quarter of the year.

Another promising improvisation predicted is the shift to virtual platforms to host public events and seminars. With the likely spread of the virus, during the pandemic every leading brand is focusing on using virtual platforms to gather the teams and to organize events that will continue after the pandemic as well.

Platforms like Zoom and Keynotes are all being in the highest demand due to their capabilities of connecting more than fifty participants in s single room. Surprisingly, even the banking industry is about to get shifted to a digital platform as well. Stuart Mackay, the General Manager at Reprise Dubai stated about the digital shift by saying that, “This is the most significant health-related crisis that has fortunately happened in a truly digital age. During dark and uncertain times like these, it’s imperative that organizations adapt quickly and seek out new growth opportunities. The realities of changing consumer behavior in the digital age presents a huge opportunity for retailers.”

 He further added saying that, “The optimization and simplification of product lines, business models, customer engagement, and sales channels can all be achieved through the introduction of digital technologies and e-commerce. Better utilization of data and technology to drive more individualized consumer experiences is where this battle will be won or lost.”

Here are the examples of Digital Transformation in Business :

The E-Commerce Industry

With the reduced in-store activities and lowest foot traffic on stores and outlets, an increase in e-commerce activities have been observed. Now a majority of people have shifted to using online shopping facilities rather than waiting for the relaxation in the lockdown to arrive to shop. This has made the e-commerce game much more stronger. Now instead of saving dollars to open an outlet you need a responsive e-commerce website that can entertain huge traffic and help you manage your sales after the pandemic.

Design Industry

Stay tight as a load of business is coming your way in the upcoming time. With businesses shifting digitally, more brands will be introduced and so the opportunities to grab potential digital projects and design orders. So, all the graphic designers who are winning about to finding better opportunities must polish and enhance their skills as the industry is about to experience a rise in demand. Marketers would be more likely to rely on digital opportunities as the outbreak has totally changed the trends and techniques for expanding and handling businesses. So, be ready to showcase your skills and make the right use of your expertise.

E-Sport Opportunities

The unbearable cancelation of the League of Legends Champions Korea (LCK) due to the increasing number of patients in South Korea revealed the picture of the sports industry in the coming time. With no ad or event revenues being generating, the marketers and organizers are all stuck with the constant battle to fight the crises as almost every upcoming match or series got postponed or canceled. However, on the other side, the e-sport if flourishing and shows signs of success in the near future.

Joe Zoghbi stated about E-sports that, “e-sports was born digitally, and while it was paving its way in 2020 to more on-ground events, it is a step back for sure, none the less the consumption of online gaming and e-sports events viewership will dramatically increase now, as we noticed in the current PUBG Mobile PMCO event. As sports are the only source of entertainment left for the people in lockdown, the industry is enjoying an increased online recognition. It will continue to prosper at double the pace even after the coronavirus ends.

Remote Working Will Be The Newest Strategy

Digital Transformation in Business

Digital Transformation in Business

Despite the size of the corporate building, the onset of Coronavirus has sprung the sense of remote working among the entrepreneurs. Even when the virus will bid goodbye, businesses are expected to continue using remote working practices to prosper in their business. As it’s the safest technique it also provide in adding a double level productivity among the employees. Comfort is all that matters, if you keep your employees comfortable they will work more enthusiastically. So, all those brands who are thinking to introduce ERP, virtual services, or any kind of service related to online business opportunities, here is your chance to pave the way to succeed.

Winding Down

Even though the economic crises are undeniable and the havoc caused by the outbreak is unfixable but there lies a ray of hope and a bundle of opportunities for you to drive excellence in your business or at least find better ways to prosper. So, keep hunting!


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