Top 8 IT Companies in Dubai , UAE

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Dubai, often called the “city of gold”, is a city of innovation and technology. The city has been home to some of the world’s leading IT companies, including Microsoft, PayPal, and Google. These companies have helped to shape the city’s reputation as a hub for technology and innovation. There are a lot of IT companies in Dubai that help you in it field.

If you’re interested in working in the IT industry, explore the many IT companies available in your area and see if any fit the bill. You never know – you might just find your next home in the IT industry!

IT companies come in all shapes and sizes, but they all share one common goal – to provide the best possible customer service and support for the technology needs of their clients. IT companies are always looking for talented individuals to work with them, and they offer a variety of benefits and opportunities that can make a career in IT an incredibly rewarding experience.

IT Companies in Dubai – UAE 





TVDIT is the best  in IT Companies in Dubai , UAE that working properly. It is a team of experienced staff and IT professionals who can provide a wide range of IT services. TVD IT  offers a variety of services to help businesses reach their online audiences.

These services can include website design and development, online marketing, search engine optimization, and social media marketing, Online services and computer maintenance.

Online IT services can help businesses create and deploy IT marketing campaigns that target their online audience. These campaigns can include website content, online advertising, and social media marketing. They also Provide SEO Services By optimizing a business’s website, it can improve a site’s organic traffic (traffic from people who search without clicking on a sponsored link) as well as its paid traffic (traffic from people who click on a sponsored link).

So, when you look at your IT needs, contact TVDIT LLC now.

Contact details:


  Phone:  +971 567332396

  Address: Tower, Iris Bay, Business Bay, Dubai UAE

2. Andryan IT Solutions 

Andryan IT Solutions Agency started in 2007. Just in 14 years it has cutting-edge solutions for banking, education, airlines, airport, leading enterprise across government, transportation, financial, marine, property and insurance sectors.

Nowadays Andryan IT solutions provide high integration support, software development at door step and IT support on demand. Their system is Upgraded, integrated, personalized and smart. Andryan IT solutions serves for IT outsourcing, custom cloud apps, Always on IT support and Core platform.

Contact Details:

Phone#: +971 4 448 4314


Address: Dubai Outsource City-G 01- Ground Floor- AL Shaiba Building- Dubai UAE

 3.Red Spider Web and Art Design

Red Spider was established in 2010 Dubai-UAE. Red Spider is the best IT Agency in Dubai. They are special to provide solutions to dedicated problems.

Red Spider have experienced and certified Staff, they are always ready to accommodate your IT requirements. They provide solutions that protect your business. That’s why Red Spider completed projects with 100% client satisfaction   You can grow your business with professionals, manage and update your website at home and lead your industry

They serve Web design, Logo design, Brochure/Profile design, Ecommerce solutions, Web hosting and Email marketing.

Contact Details:

Phone#: + 971 50 5698733, +971 55 5515475


Address: Burj gate tower Sofitel Dubai downtown 1002- Dubai – UAE

4. Gulf IT Network

Gulf IT Network Distribution is a company that provides distribution and channel support for IT solutions and products. They are based in Dubai and help new companies enter the IT market in the Middle East.

Gulf IT Network is a leading agency of IT services, solutions, and outsourcing. Founded in 1998, GITN operates in Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates.

Gulf IT provides services including network administration, security, hosting, and data management. They also offer a variety of cloud-based solutions.

They are a trusted provider of IT services and have a strong reputation in the region. From desktop and server maintenance to data migration and online security, Gulf It agency has the experience and expertise staff to help your business succeed.

Contact Details:

Phone#: +971 4 454 2058

Address: Building#11-Internet city Dubai-UAE

5. AL Kendi Computer Systems IT CCTV Provider

From 2008, AL Kendi Computer Systems has been providing IT support, including technical help desk support, computer support and consulting, to small and medium-sized businesses in the Dubai area. They have always aimed to provide small businesses with enterprise-level IT practices and solutions at small business prices.

Their IT services are IT security services, Cloud computing services, Business communication, Software services, Hardware services, Media internet services and Data services industry specific.

Contact Details:

Phone#: +971 4 296 4454

Address: Office SM 04-New AI Safiya Building- Near Deira-Dubai UAE

6. Multimission Software LLC

Multimission LLC is a leading information technology agency of Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Their dedicated professionals provide a high range of services which include business IT solutions, IT support, Network management, security, and application development.

The Multimission team is equipped with the latest technology and is committed to providing quality services that meet the requirements of clients. They offer a wide range of services that can be attune to meet the specific requirements of your business.

Their team is available 24/7 to provide you with the best possible service. Contact Multimission LLC to help you achieve your goals.

Contact Details:

Phone#:  +971 4 3597997


Address: Bank street Khalid Bin AL Waleed Road-Dubai-UAE

7. Edgematics Technologies

Edgematics technologies are experts in data monetization, services framework to clients. They help companies to transform their business into data innovation.

Clients are helped by Artificial Intelligence. Their agency framework developed through successful projects in banking, retail, automotive, telecommunication and others. Also Edgematics Technology frameworks succeed through experience projects like cloud migration, data warehouse offload, data architecture modernization and analytical platform.

Their services are Strategy and Consulting, Minimum Viable Product (MVPs), Operationalizing Use Cases, IT Product, Managed Services and Analytics.

Contact Details:

Phone#: +971 4 456 6988


Address: AI Jaziri Business Centre-2nd Floor-Lamborghini Building-Dubai-UAE

8. Alpha Byte Computers LLC IT

Alpha Byte Computers LLC is an IT Company and leading provider in Dubai UAE , established in the year 2000. It has grown into a multifaceted consultancy. They have World Class Cloud and IT solutions for your business requirements.

Alpha Byte provides an excellent and professional service to all clients, regardless of size or industry. Today, Alpha Byte is one of the most successful companies across the globe and has earned a reputation as a supplier of the most reliable software solutions.

Their services are Development, Technical Support, System Analyst, Administrative with Sales and Marketing Teams.

Contact Details:

Phone#:+971 54464 0055


Address: Business Bay-746-AL Asayel ST-Dubai-UAE


 Each IT Company listed in our website has its own strength. Match your experience and field with each company and then choose the firm which best suits your requirements. If you’re dedicated to working in any of these Agencies, now is the time to apply if you’re looking for a job. It is very best to start your Business with Dubai IT Agencies because the environment is flexible. All the IT Agencies listed above are fully registered with the United Arab Emirates Govt. and provide a wide range of IT-based services with standards. Finding the right IT company can be time consuming and not an easy task. Always research for a specified company and then go.

To find the latest job openings, you’ll need to check the career page on each website. Companies will list their current vacancies on this page. If you’re looking to outsource a project to a specific company, you can get a quote from their website or visit their about us page.


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