As your business grows, your team, resources, and technology, everything increases, and managing them all becomes a challenge. That’s why all medium-to-large businesses go for remote monitoring and control systems (M&C).

What is Remote Monitoring and Access Control?

Remote monitoring and access control (M&C) means automating the management of complex operations. The system consists of devices that handle large volumes of information faster and more securely than staff members.

The system does not require on-site staff; instead, it can be controlled remotely. In many cases, the system automatically responds to problems and generates alerts. You can set up an M&C system in compliance with several industrial standards, including ISO9000.

These systems comprise sensors, interfaces for input, actuators, central computer systems, and network connections. M&C systems are used for IT network security, physical asset management, industrial automation, etc.

Why Your Business Needs a Remote Monitoring and Access Control System?

A sound, remote monitoring, and control system strengthens your business and improves workflows. Before you deploy a monitoring system, it’s best first to know the underlying benefits. Scroll on.

1. Improved Security

24/7 monitoring makes sure your business premises are secure and all assets are under protection. Whenever an unusual activity occurs, the monitoring system immediately remotely alerts the relevant staff.

An on-site officer may get distracted, but a pair of digital eyes continuously watching and reporting to off-site staff can never miss a threat, providing improved security.

2. Enhanced Operational Efficiency

Digital systems capture more accurate and valid data than a staff member could ever do. The electronic systems connected with your monitoring and control systems capture data and feed it directly into the database.

The collected data doesn’t depend on what staff observes, so there is no chance of human error. Several processes are automated, and so the overall operational efficiency is increased.

His M&C systems help generate an improved ROI (Return on Investment) in the long run.

3. Improved Data Processing

Sensors are built in the infrastructure of your building which records everything in real-time. The collected data is processed more efficiently to generate helpful information, which in turn facilitates quick decision-making.

Electronic devices are much more efficient in processing data and analyzing it than any human. An improved data processing facilitates accurate results.

4. Reduced Costs

The intelligent monitoring and control system handles several operations, so less labor is required. Less labor means there are less people to pay. Manpower can be turned towards more productive work.

Installing a monitoring and control system may get a bit costly at first, but its management capabilities lower operational costs, making it worth the investment.

A keyless entry simplifies things. For example, if someone loses the key card, it’s easy to make another one and program it in the system. But losing keys or getting your keys stolen may require changing the physical locks, which costs a lot.

The automatic configuration of the access control system allows you to program things like when to turn off lights, etc., that cut the electricity bills.

5. Remote Access

The remote access lets you keep an eye on your assets and business processes without physically being there. You can even allow entry remotely with the access control system.

Cloud-based access control systems allow you to view the system and make necessary changes from anywhere using the internet. You can set access levels, allow particular individuals to enter the premises, etc.

With small monthly charges, a cloud-hosted monitoring and control system comes with complete IT support, data backup, and auto-update services. It saves money by subtracting the need to purchase a dedicated server, pay license fees, etc.

6. Better Uptime

Uptime refers to the time for which the system is operational. The M&C systems work 24 hours without getting tired or needing to switch shifts like staff members do. Plus, the systems generate quick and reliable results.

A higher uptime means your business generates more revenue and hence higher profits.

7. Quick Response

The M&C system doesn’t require any on-site staff as it can be controlled remotely. Whenever a problem occurs, the system responds instantly, or the alert is addressed remotely by the staff personnel.

8. Managing Change

The remote M&C systems help in growing your business and managing change. M&C provides better insights that help in identifying business areas that should be changed or improved.

Applications for Remote Monitoring and Access Control Systems

Access Control

While choosing an application for your remote monitoring and access system, you should ensure it’s compatible with your CRM system, SSO provider, data management system, etc., so that it’s able to sync with your other management software.

Go for the one that best suits your business needs. An access control system with an open API will be able to grow your business. Here are some of the best remote M&C systems:

1. Kisi:

It is a cloud-based remote access control system that offers enterprise features to businesses, including remote access, automatic provisioning, access restrictions, video surveillance integrations, etc.

Kisi is compatible with Android and iOS and is one of the top-rated access control Apps there.

2. ADT:

ADT is one of the best video surveillance systems that allow monitoring of your business activities. Plus, it easily integrates with other alarm systems. The software offers a speedy and daily service to its customers. The managers can remotely watch and control things.

3. NetMotion Mobility:

The integrated security system focuses on providing high connectivity and security. When your team is geographically dispersed, NetMotion ensures that all team connections are stable and consistent.

4. Cisco ISE:

Cisco ISE is another top-notch access control system centered around intent-based networking through WAN, the company’s branch, and the cloud. By using the system, the managers can stay aware of the possible hits to the network.

It also provides automation, analytics, and end-to-end security services. The system is very easy to use and manage.

5. Reblaze:

It’s one of the finest access control software out there that offers virtual cloud-based security services; the package includes API security, Next-Gen WAF, CDN, DDoS protection, traffic analysis.

Reblaze’s cloud-hosted website provides easy management and security benefits from Machine Learning.

Wrap Up

A remote monitoring and access control system speeds up workflows in your business, besides securing the premises. It automates several workflows, audit trails, log staff, etc., and alerts officers when human intervention is required.

The M&C system handles hectic and dangerous jobs while freeing your workforce to invest in tasks that need human expertise. Moreover, it boosts your revenue while cutting costs.

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