In this blog you will know difference seo vs google ads but before I will describe you about seo and google ads.

Most businesses often use digital marketing methods like search engine optimization (SEO) and Google Ads to drive traffic to their website.

But many companies fail to identify which digital strategy yields the best return on their investment.

As a business owner, when considering SEO and Google Ads, which  do you think is the best fit for your business?

In this article, we’ll compare SEO and Google Ads and help you  choose the best digital marketing strategy for your business.

So let’s get started.

What is search engine optimization (SEO) ?

Search engine optimization is a digital marketing strategy that focuses on getting your website present on search engines like Google, Bing, and Opera.

Unlike Google Ads, they do not provide detailed options for advertising but focus on promoting your products on search engines. They indirectly advertise a product or service and generate traffic.

The main goal of SEO services is to convert potential customers into loyal customers. In the competition between Google Ads and SEO, SEO comes out on top in terms of budget and usability.

Various actions like keywords, link building, guest blogging, meta descriptions, URLs and title tags drive traffic.

SEO increases Blog site traffic by pushing it to search engine results on the site based on SEO development and proficiency.

What is Google ads?

its an online advertising platform developed by Google for the purpose of improving products and services. It places ads on Google search engine results and on websites, mobile phones and videos with no search.

Google Ads works by effectively presenting the products and services that audiences expect to see when they search and click. It allows you to promote your business online and pay per click or visit to your website.

They help discover outstanding services with search results that are completely responsive to the audience’s trends. So what is Google SEO?

When Google’s robot spiders crawl to find a web page on a search engine, it’s called Google SEO. What is the best answer for Google SEO can be understood if we put it this way.

Software that automatically finds a web page on search engines to match  user intent is called Google SEO. Google Ads is relatively easy to learn.

How is SEO different from Google Ads?

There is a significant difference between search engine optimization services and Google AdWords in terms of return on investment (ROI). While SEO generates traffic for your business continuously even after the campaign, Google Ads only generates traffic for the duration of the campaign.

If you invest in SEO services, you will likely get continued traffic from that investment. You may need a few tweaks to accommodate changing Google standards, but your content will retain its value throughout. Let’s look at the pros and cons of SEO and Google Ads.

Comparison SEO vs Google Ads

SEO and Google Ads help you drive search traffic to your website and generate leads that are qualified to convert. While they drive similar traffic, there is a big difference between these two digital marketing strategies. Consider their differences:


SEO: Generate long-term traffic after implementing the right SEO strategies

Google Ads: Generate traffic only when you launch a campaign. When you stop the campaign, the traffic will become zero.


SEO: Only placed on search results pages.

Google Ads: Can serve ads  on search results pages and other sites in the Google network, including YouTube.


SEO: You don’t have to pay when someone clicks on your results (but you do have to invest in SEO strategies for up to 12 months).

Google Ads: You  pay when someone clicks on your ad or pay per view for a YouTube Ads campaign.


SEO: It takes at least 6 months to see results.

Google Ads: Instant results.

Track metrics and ROI

SEO: Track with Google Analytic and ROI takes longer (better long-term ROI)

Google Ads: Track with Google Ads Dashboard and Google Analytic and deliver an instant return on investment then.



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