The first security alarm systems date back to the 1850s and have been evolving ever since; each year, they add something newer, faster, and smarter. At present, we are at the dawn of security surveillance. Let’s find how does Surveillance and Security Systems Work.

A home security system keeps your home safe whenever you are away, and the same goes for businesses. Security is fundamental to the success of any business, and that’s why companies are investing lots of resources to develop foolproof security systems.

And probably you plan to do the same. Well, that’s the reason you landed on this page in the first place. Whether you run a small business or a large one, a sound security system is a must.

Security Vs Surveillance – What’s the Difference?

While discussing security surveillance solutions, the first question is security versus surveillance. What’s the difference between the two? Or are they merely one and the same? Let’s find it out first.

Security Systems

Surveillance Systems

Surveillance, derived from the French verb “to watch over,” is an act of watching someone or something (home, business, etc.) to detect and prevent unauthorized access to a secured area.

In surveillance systems, a network of CCTV (Closed-Circuit Television) cameras is tactically set up to capture the events in the target area. The video captured by the cameras is live broadcasted on a screen or/and recorded.
Let’s suppose a thief breaks into your home when you are out for some job and takes away some of your valuables with him. As the CCTV cameras have captured the scenes and you get informed of the intrusion.

But isn’t it too late? It often happens that the intrusions are reported later than the time of intrusion. But still, the recorded footage can help to catch the thief and recover the lost goods.
And when someone constantly monitors the events as they occur, the crime detection and reporting are quicker. When one has to stare at an unmoving screen for hours, there is an excellent chance of attention being drifted.

Security Systems

On the other hand, security systems are much more sophisticated and go a step further than surveillance systems. These are methods that make use of interworking components to secure something. A security system ensures 24/7 security and even protects from non-crime but harmful situations.

Examples include sensors and alarms for fire, smoke, glass break, doors, floods, etc. These security systems directly send real-time alerts to you and the relevant authorities. The only downside of these systems is the absence of recorded video footage. Their types are:

Local Security Systems set off loud alarms or sirens to alert the people in that area. Calling the local authorities is done by the people. Monitored security systems are the most common ones, where you and a monitoring agent are informed when an alarm sets off in the company. The agent then informs the authorities.

Self-Monitored Security Systems are almost the same as monitored ones, but you don’t need any monitoring agent as the alerts are given directly to you 24/7. You are the one responsible for contacting the authorities. Here, you save money, but you might miss an alert when busy.

Surveillance Vs Security – Which one to choose?

Surveillance systems are great for identifying, record and prevent any illegal or unwanted activity. The recorded footage helps catch the intruder, and the live broadcast helps stop the intrusion at the spot. But even a constant watch doesn’t provide a foolproof system.

Security systems are more efficient in stopping the crime before it occurs and alerting relevant authorities right away. The best strategy for your home, and especially business safety, is to deploy a sound security system in your property along with an additional surveillance system.

Does Surveillance aids Security?

Yes, it does!
The CCTV systems are now intelligent than ever, and so are their technology applications. Based on what the industry experts say, CCTV systems can be used as a forensic tool, a crime deterrent, or an interactive device.
As the CCTVs integrate well with other advanced security tools, they aid a lot in security systems and help the security personnel to detect and stop the intrusion during their occurrence.

Additionally, security surveillance solutions are being used to prevent theft, observe customer behavior, monitor retail, help the organization to increase revenue, etc. Let’s explore more.

Evolving Uses of Surveillance Systems

A recent study linked CCTVs with a 16% decrease in the overall crime rate. Well, the notion of “Big Bro is Watching” prevents people from stepping out of the line and doing something nasty.

But security surveillance is not limited to crime prevention alone. In the last decade, CCTVs have made an exceptional advancement, both in the individual capabilities and the ability to interface with other security solutions.

Several intelligent algorithms are integrated into the computer of the security room where the captured footage is fed. Soon, these algorithms will be processed directly inside the CCTV cameras.
When paired with Video Analytics, CCTVs act as a forensic tool to help find the evidence after an event has occurred. Likewise, motion detection software is so intelligent that it can detect an unusual walking pattern and notify the guard.

Object-recognition algorithms can detect any suspicious or left-over object alert the security guards right away. Facial recognition is another advanced algorithm that is used to process CCTVs footage but is still not common.
Lastly, Wide Dynamic Range technology, which can’t be deployed with traditional cameras, is becoming popular in CCTV surveillance solutions to sort out details from the scene’s wide range of dark and light areas.

Need for Security Surveillance Solutions

Security surveillance is needed for public safety, crime detection, and to prevent property theft, vandalism, shoplifting, abduction, and other crimes. These systems are suitable for home safety, but for businesses, they’ve become necessary.

Security surveillance solutions are needed in public areas to ensure public safety. The recorded video footage helps the police directly interrupt the intrusion at its time of occurrence to identify criminals or collect evidence later.
When it comes to businesses and companies, security and surveillance influence several factors, for instance, the system helps in identifying employee theft, customer shoplifting, and reasons for products damage.

It keeps your employees productive. Being constantly under watch makes the workforce even more diligent and active. You also get an overall view of all business activities occurring in your company.

Security surveillance solutions also help in resolving disputes as the true story gets recorded. It protects you from legal action; for instance, if someone gets hurt, but you are not liable, the recorded video footage proves to be strong evidence.

Wrap Up:

After reading our article: “How does Surveillance and Security Systems Work?” you’ve got to know that security surveillance solutions are a key to protect yourself, your home, employees, business, and customers. Installing a security system means an added cost, but it will prove itself worth the money in the long run.

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