If you want to be an Amazon seller, you need an Amazon seller tools.

Sure – you can try booting without the tools, but you’ll most likely fail. There’s a lot of competition on Amazon, and that’s exactly why it’s important to use powerful tools. So if you want to know which Amazon seller tool does the job, you’ve come to the right place.

List of the best Amazon Seller tools for 2024

Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout started as a product finder, but over time the company has added new features. Now you can  do everything with it, from optimizing your product listings to managing your Amazon inventory.

Two tools are  really worth mentioning:

Seller Database and Promotions.

With a supplier database, you can easily find the right supplier for your product. You will get a lot of valuable information such as information about the supplier’s customers or the supplier’s overall  rating.

With Promotions, you can promote your Amazon products directly in Jungle Scout and drive early sales with promotional campaigns.

What’s also great is that Jungle Scout provides useful metrics like Opportunity Score or Listing Quality Score. Also, opportunity finder is one of the best  product search engine. It works  on the basis of reverse keyword research..


With AMZScout, you can find profitable products, optimize your Amazon listings, charge Amazon, and more. It is useful  that you can analyze the sales data of a product by seasonal periods.

You can choose from two different plans:

  • PRO extension
  •  The Amazon Seller Bundle

Amazon Seller Pack allows you to use the AMZScout PRO Web App and Extension.

PRO Extension is $16.49 per month (billed annually) and  Amazon Seller Bundle is $29 per month (billed annually). They also offer a lifetime plan for the PRO extension for $499 and a vendor plan for $1,699.

So if you are a beginner and don’t have a high budget, AMZScout might be the right choice for you.


Teikametrics specializes in assisting sellers with Amazon and Walmart Ads. It does a pretty good job at automating most of the work you need to do to get the best results, and it’s very affordable these days with a recent price drop.

With new features coming in 2021, such as connecting your inventory to your ads for extra functionality, this is a very useful hot item for any Amazon or Walmart seller any.


ZonGuru offers 15 features. You can research products, track your sales on Amazon, research keywords, send follow-up emails, and more.

Keyword research tool is awesome. It provides valuable data, such as revenue generated by a keyword, monthly search volume, or a measure of keyword competitiveness.

And that only scratches the surface of Zonguru’s toolkit. You can check out all the features here.

It’s also great because it’s a lot cheaper than most Amazon seller tools. So if you’re looking for great value, check out Zonguru.


eComEngine is best  Amazon seller tool. this software came with four main tools:

Feedback Five – Manage Feedback

Market Scout – Get Amazon Market Information

Restock Pro – Get Additional Recommendations

Smart Price – Amazon Re-Rating Software

These four tools are all independent, so you can use only one  or all four


SellerApp is an e-commerce analytic platform designed as Amazon seller tool, agents, and brands to optimize their operations, sales, and marketing efforts.

From researching products, finding high converting keywords for your ads, estimating profit margins and automating your PPC campaigns, SellerApp has you covered!

ITS offers a 7-day trial. You can get 25% off  all plans when using promo code “SMARTMINDED”. In addition, you will also benefit from a complete referral process.

Unicorn Smasher

The program is actually a Chrome extension that functions as a full FBA vendor analyzer. While this only works when you’re actually on Amazon.com, it’s a small price to pay for free Amazon data.

Unicorn Smasher shows you information based on your keyword research, including  product affiliation, pricing, categories, estimated sales ratings, revenue, and more.

You can know well what products are being sold and whether the benefits are worth the competition.

Viral Launch’s

Viral Launch’s software tools provide a wealth of useful data to help you with your Amazon business. There is an extremely useful tool called Market Intelligence that you should definitely check out here. Market Intelligence evaluates your product idea and tells you whether selling a product is worth it – very helpful.

In addition, Viral Launch provides product demonstration services to a number of different Amazon marketplaces.


Interestingly, CamelCamelCamel is a simple Amazon price tracker that drops the wheel in exchange for a surprisingly accurate tool for a free option. Custom alerts make sure you never miss a sale again.

You can also search by keyword or Amazon URL to find price history for your own products or those of interest to you.

This product is a great way to find niches where you have high potential to really increase your ROI.


Pixelfy is a URL shortener. It embeds a retargeting pixel into each link  you shorten. You can then retarget the people who clicked  your link on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

There are a number of reasons why this could be beneficial, but the main one is that you can retarget people, even if you share external content.  Anyone sending traffic or sharing links with potential customers can easily implement Pixelfy.me into their marketing workflow.

If you’re an Amazon seller, social media agency, or influencer, Pixelfy.me is a powerful amazon tool that allows you to tag traffic with pixels, collect data, and build an audience. .

Amazon sellers have added the benefit of creating nearly 15 different Super URLs, which improves keyword rankings.

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